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51 Van Halen, Top of the World

52 Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar on Me

53 Randy Van Warmer, Just When I Needed You Most

54 Black Crows, Only a Fool

55 Weezer, Say It Ain't So

56 Frank Sinatra, The Way You Look Tonight

57 Jason Mraz, I'm Yours

58 Boo Hewerdine, Swimming in Mercury

59 The Chieftains, Changing Your Demeanour

60 Guns N' Roses, You Could be Mine

61 Cole Porter, Love for Sale

62 The Cure, Friday I'm in Love

63 New Order, Regret

64 The Rembrandts, I'll be There for You

65 Todd Rundgren, It Would't Have Made Any Difference

66 Nelly Furtado, Powerless

67 Fountains of Wayne, Denise

68 Bryan Adams, Not Guilty

69 Prince, If I was Your Girlfriend

70 Beck, Lord Only Knows

71 Matchbox Twenty, All Your Reasons

72 Fleetwood Mac, Second Hand News

73 Robert Palmer, Know by Now

74 The Wildhearts, 29 X the Pain

75 Alabama Shakes, Don't Wanna Fight

76 Alanis Morissette, Hand in My Pocket

77 The Beach Boys, Kokomo

78 Bjork, Hyperballad

79 Bon Jovi, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

80 Cheap Trick, You're All I Wanna Do

81 George Harrison, All Things Must Pass

82 John Lennon, Glow Old With Me

83 Gin Blossoms, Follow You Down

84 Hound Dog Taylor, Give Me Back My Wig

85 Led Zeppelin, Black Dog

86 John Denver, Take Me Home, Country Road

87 Mika, Origin of Love

88 Paul McCartney, Off the Ground

89 Paula Cole, I Don't Want to Wait

90 The Proclaimers, I'm Gonna Be

91 R.E.M., (Untitled)

92 Robert Wyatt, Heaps of Sheeps

93 Monty Python, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

94 The Smiths, Ask

95 Squeeze, Another Nail in My Heart

96 The Stone Roses, Begging You

97 The Tokens, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

98 The End, Juri Tok

99 The Offspring, Come Out and Play

100 Billy Joel, The River of Dreams



73 Robert Palmer, Know by Now




新しく出版社を立ち上げた堀郁夫くんのブログを読んでいます。 もともとうちから刊行する予定だった『原爆写真を追う』の新刊情報もアップされました。四十手前の男を捕まえて何ですが、新しいことを始めるひとの初々しさを感じます。 今日は少し、いや、けっこう羨ましい感情が不意に湧き起こって眩暈がするようでした。 僕にはもう新しいことを始める余力はありません。いまやっていることのひとつに、遺言状の制作があります

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